Polygon Skylight Westminister Memorial Park

Westminister Memorial Park
Westminister, CA

Gable Ridge Skylight Bear Valley Elementary

Bear Valley Elementary School
Escondido, CA

 Double Hip & Ridge Skylight Ventura Police and Fire Museum

Ventura Police and Fire Museum
Ventura, CA

Pyramid Skylight Monogram

Carson, CA

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Sky-Tech Glazing Systems can fill all your skylight needs; from Acrylic dome skylight, Flat glass skylights, 4' x 8' Industrial Skylights, Circular Glass Skylights, Acrylic structural skylight, Multi walled Polycarbonate structural skylights, Glass structural skylights, Retractable Skylights, Glass Floor Skylights and Solariums. Sky-Tech believes in quality and service first. We feel that our products and service are unmatched, that is why we are able to give a ten year guarantee the longest on the  market. Sky-Tech has over 35 years in the field of skylights. We believe that you will find no equal to our products.  Sky-Tech will help you  from start to finish. From budget pricing, design, engineering.  Sky-Tech Provides the highest quality products.
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Sky-Tech sales consultants are one the most knowledgeable sales force in the field. The sales consultants can assist you in design and budgeting.
Sky-Tech will service your every need on skylight project. From frame samples, glazing samples and paint samples.
Sky-Tech Engineering Design team can assist you through any skylight project problem areas. For your convenes we can provide you with Cad  Drawings and or detail so that you may easily incorporate them in to your drawings. Upon starting your project we will provide you with stamped shop drawings by a licensed Structural Engineer.
Sky-Tech fabricators are certified in aluminum structural helix-arch welding. Our fabricators are held to the highest standards in quality to assure smooth installation.
Sky-Tech offers a wide choice of glazing; High, Medium and Low Performance Glass, Acrylics, Multi Wall Polycarbonates Translucent Panels.
Sky-Tech can offer you a wide choice of finishes; Mill Aluminum, High or Medium Performance Architectural Pigmented Organic Coatings Finishes.
Are available by Sky-Tech Certified Installation Companies. Sky-Tech Certified Installation Companies are some of the highest qualified in the field. The installers will make sure that the location to where the skylight is to be installed is ready to receive the skylight. If there is a problem the installer will point it out to the job supervisor. In some cases the installer will assist in the correction so as to help in keeping the job on schedule.