Curb Mounted Skylights

Curb Mounted Operable Skylights

Curb Mounted Glass Skylights

Curb Mounted Glass Operable Skylights

Circular Curb Mounted Glass Skylights

Industrial Skylights

48" x 96"= ID. Curb Opening

51" x 99"= OD. Curb

A= Aluminum

S= Galvanized Steel

CM= Curb Mount

RH= Roof Hatch

SA= SkyArch

ST= SkyTough

SV= Smoke Vent

1D= Single Door

2D= Double Door

UL= Underwriters Laboratories

D1=Single Door

D1= Single Door

D2= Double Door

D1= Double Door
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Industrial Skylights
  Sky-Tech Glazing Systems can provide one the best built Industrial products on the market today. Sky-Arc-dome utilizes the Sky-Tough glazing material delivers an excellent shading coefficient with up to 60% light transmittance and excellent even light distribution. It meets the rigorous UL 972 Standard for impact resistance, including the dropping of a 5 lb. steel ball from a height of 40'.Sky-Tough glazing, an economical solution for hail resistant skylights. The result is clearly a brighter, more even, aesthetically pleasing light, combined with the added benefit of impact resistance. Sky-Tech can offer several options Industrial curb mount skylights, Industrial curb mount 3 louvered skylights, Industrial curb mount single door smoke hatch skylights, Industrial curb mount UL listed double door smoke hatch skylights.

A-CM-ST-SA Capless Industrial Skylight

Size options

48 x 48

 48 x 96

A-CM-ST-SA Capless Industrial Details

S-L3 CM-ST-SA Capless Industrial Skylight

Size options

48" x 48"

48" x 96" 
S-L3 CM-ST-SA Capless Industrial Details

S-SV1D-CM-ST-SA Capless Industrial Skylight

Fusible Link Degree Options
165-UL/FM Fusible Link
212-UL/FM Fusible Link
286-UL/FM Fusible Link
370-UL/FM Fusible Link

Size options
48" x 48"

48" x 96"
S-SV1D-CM-ST-SA Capless Industrial Details

S-ULSV2D-CM-ST-SA Capped Industrial Skylight


Fusible Link Degree Options
165 UL/FM Fusible Link
212 UL/FM Fusible Link
286 UL/FM Fusible Link
37370 UL/FM Fusible Link

Size options

48" x 48"

48" x 96"
S-ULSV2D-CM-ST-SA Capped Industrial Details
  Sky-Tech Glazing Systems can provide your project with a galvanized steel  roof access hatch is designed for safety and reliability. Standard model provides an extended cap flashing, pre-punched to receive the Safety Rail Source, Inc., railing system or Grab bar safety feature. Unique cross-broken lid design to eliminate ponding water . Standard 12" high self-flashing curb with wood nailer and a Federal Safety Red high gloss finish. Add an optional grab bar or safety rail.

Roof Hatch
Roof Hatch Grab Bar
Grab Bar
Roof Hatch Saftey Rail
Safety Rail 

30" x 36"  S-RH

Roof Hatch Details